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We offer a platform that brings together enthusiasts of open source technology, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and seamless collaboration. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of productive cooperation, enabling students to unite their efforts and embark on collective exploration beyond the traditional classroom setting.

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Community Voices: Our Open Source Impact in the Words of Those We Serve!

My Experience

It was an amazing journey honestly. I applied to OSC at the end of my first year, thinking there is no way I am capable of getting into this club. But miraculously, I got in for the interview and furthermore was elected as the secretary for the club. Then, the club became very close to me, and I used to love being a part of it. There were although ups and downs, with a lot of events, things not going as we wanted to be, but everything uaed to end in our favour. So, yeah it was pretty much it, 4 semester, 2 years of a roller coaster ride at OSC 😂

Ojasva Jain's pfp

Ojasva Jain

President 2022

My Experience

Man, OSC – what a wild ride! From the moment I jumped in, it was like crashing a tech carnival where rules are just suggestions. Code flowing like good vibes, and the camaraderie? We flipped off limitations, embraced collaboration like it's the new cool, and yeah, we've had our share of legendary bug hunts – those were the real treasure hunts. Whether it's wrangling lines of code or cracking jokes, OSC isn't just about software, it's a damn mindset. Here's to the rebels crafting tomorrow's tech with a friendly 'fuck you' to the norm!

Dhruv Jha's pfp

Dhruv Jha

President 2023

My Experience

My time at the Open Source Community has been an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience. Immersed in a dynamic environment of collaboration and innovation, I have had the privilege to contribute to works that resonate with the ethos of open-source development. Engaging in discussions, event plannings and problem solving within this community has expanded my understanding of various paradigms of the real world and encouraged me to push the boundaries of my skills. In short my time at OSC had been eventful and filled with experience.

Rahul Alokkan's pfp

Rahul Alokkan

Community Lead 2022

My Experience

Being a part of OSC has been an incredible journey! From day one, I dived into a world of endless opportunities and friendships. The atmosphere is charged with positive vibes and everyone's genuine enthusiasm for tech. the support we give each other is heartwarming. Whether it's coding marathons or problem-solving sessions, the energy never falters. The late-night brainstorming – it's like a big, diverse family where we're all working together to make a difference. Grateful for every moment in this joyful, collaborative adventure!

Apoorva Parashar's pfp

Apoorva Parashar

Head of Videography 2023

My Experience

My journey with OSC has been an exhilarating ride. From day one, I've brought my A-game and let my work do the talking. The community's energy and commitment mirror my own, creating an environment where excellence is the norm. I've found my groove, offering insights and solutions that earn respect. As the go-to HR, I've streamlined processes, matched talents, and fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie. In OSC, results speak volumes, and I'm proud to stand as a testament to the power of dedication and expertise.

Isa Hassan's pfp

Isa Hassan

Outreach and Designer 2023

My Experience

Man, being in OSC (Open Source Community) has been a blast! From my Bengali roots to my ECE background, I've brought a fusion of creativity and tech. My design game? On point. I've spun out concepts crazier than a rollercoaster, and yeah, some left even me scratching my head. Hyper-active? Guilty as charged, but that's what fuels my brainstorming sessions. The community's like a canvas where my ideas paint the future. Sure, I get lost in the chaos, but that's where the magic happens. OSC's my playground, where confusion meets innovation!

Soumyadip Chowdhuri's pfp

Soumyadip Chowdhuri

Designer 2023